Welcome to my blog!

A small intro about me. My name is Marianna. I am originally from Greece, but currently located in Dubai. I hold a bachelor degree in “International and Politic Studies”. My major was in economics. I speak Greek, English, Italian, and Russian and currently attempting to learn some Arabic.

In my work environment, I interact with new customers every day, as well as a new set of colleagues, with whom I work sometimes from few hours to a couple of days. The chances of getting the same crew are very few. My current job profile includes a lot of, I wouldn’t call them duties, but roles. But mainly, I would describe my role as someone who has to meet our customer needs and expectations.

Why I applied for this course? Well, I strongly believe that every day is a new day and an opportunity to learn something new. Till now, I have noticed that I mainly choose occupations that are associated with people and have realized that I love working with people. My expectations from this course are to learn something new about customers, their needs, and their expectations as well as how to anticipate them. I hope I will be able to understand the customers’ psychology, how and why they think and react the way they do.

Thank you for your time!