For today’s post, we were asked to comment on the following,  if we can make people (un)happy?

Of course, we can. That’s why it called shopping therapy! Cause it makes people feel happy. It makes them forget about their troubles and treat themselves or their loved ones with nice things. But even a shopping session can go “bad”. If for example the person assisting us is rude and unwilling to help us or the place itself is not customer friendly,  then our experience is somehow ruined. Thankfully it is a short-term feeling compared to the long-term euphoria we feel when we look at our bags filled with all the goodies we just bought. Unfortunately, though, we will never forget how this employee made us feel and every time we will pass through that place we will always remember our feelings and our first impression and think twice before we enter the place again. But when entering a shop you get this warm welcoming feeling and you enjoy your time in the shop you get out of there feeling full and happy even if you didn’t find anything to buy and you will definitely go back.

So yes, we can make people/ customers happy or unhappy. We can’t ruin their day, although it is possible in some cases! But we can play a significant role in their satisfaction levels when shopping!




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