Watching the videos of Module 3 and reading the book of prof Cialdini made me realize how important it is to know all these tools, not only so we can use them in our work field but also as customers ourselves. I believe I would benefit from all this information on some of my previous consumer decisions. After getting all this information, so far, I started thinking about how people influence me and my consumer behavior as well as what tools do I, subconsciously use when dealing with customers. To be honest, I haven’t yet found out the tools that I personally use. I really can’t wait for the webinars to start and learn more. I am really intrigued to learn more from the webinars and positive that we all will benefit a lot from it.

I still haven’t finished prof Cialdini’s book, but so far, I find it very engaging, very well structured, well written and easy to read. The information shared and all the examples are very educating and entraining, I would say. It is really interesting finding out while reading, how people have used some of these strategies to influence my decision making. It really makes me think and reconsider some of my decisions if I really made them or where I lured to make them?

I really anticipate for this module to start and learn more about all the tools used to plan influencing strategies and how we can benefit from them in our businesses.




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