Advertisements are bombing as from everywhere. Especially nowadays with the social media advertising is on fire. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, all of them keep track of what we are googling and then advertisements related to our searches pop up on all the social media we use. I did a small research to find smart advertisements and most of what I found was related to the social proof or liking principles, I would say.

Most of the commercials I chose to comment are funny as well, like the Hyundai one with Kevin Hart,  It is clearly correlated with the movies that our actor plays and I believe, as a daughter, every dad would like to have a car like that and be able to track his little daughter. So, I think this advertisement nails it both, social proof and liking. Any guy who likes Kevin Hart, or action movies or has a daughter at the age of dating will definitely want this car, cause “A dad gotta do what a dad gotta do and Hyundai will help you out.” Or like the Kia Niro advertisement with Melissa McCarthy,, an ECOhybrid car, whose main target, apart from  Mellissa’s fans, are the ecologists. So if you are from those people that are trying to save the world, you might not have the power to save the whales but you can start by using an environmentally friendly car.

The second advertisement that I chose to comment is a group of advertisement that takes place on a special period of time in the country I reside. So in the country, I reside at the moment people celebrate the month of Ramadan and even the people that don’t celebrate it still anticipate for that month cause for the rest of us is related with discounts. So at this time of period advertisers use the principle of scarcity by offering almost everything, from clothes to cars at very appealing prices and attractive discounts that last for only the month of celebration. So we can see a lot of people planning to do their shopping, especially bulky stuff, during this period of time. It definitely works and it is so wide that everyone is a target group.




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