“Customer Interactions”, that’s the title of our current module. I believe it speaks for itself. We are about to learn about customers behavior. Something very obvious but prof. Echeverri’s videos make it clear that it is about more than that. It is not only about customers and how they behave, we, as service providers, have a very meaningful impact on the outcome of the interaction.

So I am waiting to learn more about how customers think, what triggers their thought and what leads them to their decisions. I can’t wait to learn how to interpret their body language and use the practice elements in my favor. How can I change the “script”! I believe this will help me a lot in my workplace since it is very often to encounter disappointed customers by someone else and then we have to apply a “service recovery” practice as well in avoiding to disappoint customers. Moreover, I think after this module I will be more aware as a customer myself, by being able to recognize the practices used on me and how I react. As prof. Echeverri said, now I will pause and think about every interaction.



2 thoughts on “Expectations of “Customer Interactions”

  1. Hi! I like the fact that it is possible to study things as body language and movement, talk etc in this module in order to understand interaction. I look forward to this as well and hope it is going to be a part of the module. In order to understand you customers better, and understand yourself too.

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  2. Surely the possibility of changing the scrpit sounds interesting! Not quite sure how it’s done, but I hope we get to learn this as the course continues.

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